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PC Richards - Delivery Men Horror

I had the worst experience with delivery!! First off the damage that was caused by your two incompetent delivery men far outweighs the price of the refrigerator. The delivery men could not lift the refrigerator up, so they proceeded to drag and bounce the dolly up my new paver steps and walkway. This was after I told them that they would have to pick it up. When they reached my front door which are double doors they proceeded to scratch the door, and had the nerve to proceed up the interior stairs after my husband told them to stop. The one delivery man had the audacity to get an attitude with my husband, and said “I not scratch nothing” (he did not speak English well), and advanced up the stairs scratching the wall with no precaution. As they entered my kitchen the two dropped the refrigerator in the spot and said sign. My husband and I were incensed and in disbelief, and said no you have to level out the refrigerator and the doors. The one man knelt down, and said “can’t be done”. I then told them take it k I do not want it, as it was vibrating and making a loud sound because it was damage and not leveled.

I immediately called the store and asked for the Manager James Langford who was not around at the time, so I told the two men to take the appliance out of my house. The one young man who had the attitude before malevolently pulled the refrigerator from the corner, and gouged scratches into my wood floor all the way to my interior steps. They then had the tenacity to wheel and bounce the dolly down my steps and pavers again, which caused my pavers to pop up and others to bend forward.

To say that I am a dissatisfied customer would be an understatement. I want action taken by PC Richards and sonsto repair all the damage done. I will take this further if need be. I demand a call back from someone who is going to rectify, and reimburse me for this damage. Just to reiterate the following damages are as follows: Paver steps torn away from main base, door scratched, interior wall scratched, and kitchen wood floors scratched.

The General Manager James did see that I was very upset when I arrived at the store, and was sympathetic as he took my statement down. I believe he reported it to the claims department, claims number 67-351200. Again, he worked fast, but this does not fix the damage done to my property.

Again, I cannot say it enough I am beyond dissatisfied.

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